We at LGZ Broadcasting Tech like to think that broadcasting events should be easy and affordable. Just like other new, young and successful OEM companies are doing, we think that being straight forward with a fixed retail price and a simple reseller network is the way to go. We will therefore in july start marketing all our products at publicly available Retail prices. That price is the one we recommend our local resellers to sell the devices for. This way we keep a closer contact with our customers and users. We also eliminate the unnecessary cost of too many middlehands thus offering You a better price. If you have any pre-sales or post-sales enquiries, don't hesitate to contact us!

Our resellers

Asia / Hong Kong - WTS Asia Pacific

Belgium - Crosspoint

Austria - MCI

Czech Republic - Syntex Praha s.r.o.

Denmark - Studios A/S

Finland - TV Tools Oy

Germany - Tividoo

Germany - MCI

Slovenia - Fotospecialisti

South Africa - Central Integration

Switzerland - Visuals Switzerland

Switzerland - Meier Media

United Kingdom & Ireland - WTS Broadcast

Nigeria / Lagos - C2S Nigeria

Australia - MTA Sales