Field tests

LGZ in action

And so we proudly announce a quite successful first field test. Sure, they were a few GUI details and controller settings that will have to be tuned and adjusted but the core functions of the device worked as expected and reliably. There were no dropped frames whatsoever and the replays looked good. We are now going to spend the next week adjusting the clipbank system that could be a bit more user friendly according to the great feedback we've received before we go for another round! This is really exciting as the device's potential is really starting to show.

Going the distance

Our New Years resolution was a High Definition resolution. True to our promise we are now ready to show-off our LGZ 1 HD/SD which looks just like the SD version but packs newer, more reliable software and hardware to make your slowmo replays even smoother. We feel confident in showing it off so if you want to try it out, let us know and we'll see how we can satisfy your curiosity.

Sneak Preview

The device itself The awesome controller unit

I can finally present a sneak preview of what the LGZ1 SD with controller looks like. We've started getting feedback from people in the business and so far so good. We're still tweaking the User Interface according to some feedback we've received so you'll have to wait a little longer until we feel confident enough with its design! (Although its basic layout can be seen on the pictures taken in Pitea)

Trip to Pitea

Hi, it is now late in the evening and I've just returned from a trip to Piteå in northern Sweden where I both held a lecture for tv-students and demonstrated our LGZ 1 SD device. My flight back was delayed due to snowstorms so it's been a long day waiting at airports. I'll put up the few pictures I managed to take from the event first thing tomorrow (we were at an icehockey arena and the lighting conditions weren't optimal so please excuse my poor photographic skills).

Also the controller unit has been delivered by our supplier! It looks really good and I'll upload pictures of it once I get my hands on a decent photographer! || Edit - Here they are

pite demo pite demo pite demo pite demo pite demo pite demo

Observable Result

Good news everyone! The LGZ 1 is shaping up nicely. The throughput time is below 3 frames and we're working on improving it. The GUI is almost done and just needs a few more details and adjustments. In fewer words we've hold our timeframe so if you are interested make sure to ask for a demonstration. We'll also keep working to make sure all planned functions are thoroughly implemented, such as audio and Reference/Timecode synchronization. The device will indeed very soon be ready for professional use!