LGZ Ref chassiLGZ Ref controller


  • A 4 in HD/SD - SDI Loop Recorder.
  • Integrated multiviewer and user-interface.
  • Simple, affordable and easily set-up.

This 4 INPUTS recorder will make the referees job much easier. With its intuitive interface and controller frame by frame replays will be easily played back. The recorded data can also be exported to file (USB or ethernet) for later use.

Includes the controller, and a 1 year warranty.

Many organisations that work with events or sports such as Athletics, Fencing, Ice Hockey and many more are often relying on technology to help them determinate faults and penalties. With this HD-SDI recorder, they can immediately see frame by frame and even field by field in High Definition on large screens the actions recorded to ensure a fair and correct judgment. IIHF was the first to use it by basically any similar organsiation or arena used to hosting such event is a potential customer. Prices do not include VAT and transport costs

LGZ1 Controller


All-in-one user interface

  • Integrated multiviewer
  • Graphically represented CUE system
  • Workflow improved with arena timecode
  • Simple presentation of essential information
  • DVI connected directly to the device


  • 4x HD/SD-SDI BNC inputs
  • 4x HD/SD-SDI BNC loops
  • 4x USB connectors
  • 1x Ethernet connector
  • 1x DVI GUI view
  • 1x Power outlet


  • Upgrade hard drives to record twice the amount of data (Available)
  • Upgrade Power Supply to a dual redundant power supply for that extra safety (Available)

MANUAL in english can be downloaded by clicking here. (Adobe Reader is necessary to open .pdf files)

Tech specs

Disk space
SSD Drives
(option for bigger drives)
Recording time / input
4 hrs HD loop recording
8-16 hrs in HD loop recording
Video format SD-SDI PAL 576i
HD-SDI 1080i50
Video Inputs 4 x HD/SD-SDI
ON/OFF switch 1 switch on the frontside
Screen socket DVI-D
Screen resolution 1920 x 1080 16:9
Controller XK12 Jog and shuttle. Connects via USB
Other controlling devices USB Keyboard and mouse
Dimensions 4U 19” rack, 50 cm deep
(17,8 x 48,3 x 50 cm)
Weight 12,5 kg
Power supply 650W power supply
100-240V AC
Temperature (in use) 10 ~ 45°C
Temperature (storage) - 30 ~ 60°C
Air humidity (drift) 20 % ~ 80 %
Shock resistance (in use) 5G
Shock resistance (storage) 70G
Heat build-up 2218 BTU/hour
Air filter 1 x 7mm thick dust filter
Altitude (in use) -20 ~ 3000m
Altitude (storage) -20 ~11000m
Sound level ~ 45 dB