This flightcase aims to be small, multipurpose, cheap, reliable and good for most small 1-4 camera productions. It is plug & play and meets most demands thanks to its well-thought design. We've taken the Blackmagic products we think fit well together and assembled them into a complete system which we've thoroughly tested.

Rent / day:
- 3000 SEK (with laptop)
- 2500 SEK (without laptop)


Monitors 1x BMD Smartview DUO (2x 8" monitors)
Router 1x BMD Smart Videohub 16x16
Mixer 1x BMD ATEM Television Studio
VTR 1x BMD Hyperdeck Studio
Converter 1x BMD Teranex 2D
Mini-converters 1x BMD converter SDI-HDMI
1x BMD converter HDMI-SDI
1x BMD converter Embedder
1x BMD converter Deembedder
Inputs (backpanel) 4x HD/SD-SDI inputs to mixer
4x HDMI inputs to mixer
3x AUX inputs to router 1x HDMI to SDI input to router
Outputs (backpanel) 1x HD/SD-SDI PGM
1x HD/SD-SDI ATEM Multiviewer
4x EXT outputs from router
1x HDMI output from router
Power supply 3x Power chords to power all equipment
Dimensions 45 cm high, 50 cm wide, 45 cm deep
Weight 20kg (mostly because of power supplies)

This flightcase was assmebled primarily to be used on large screen productions where it is relatively typical to receive sources that are quite varied (thus the many converters). Even though it might hold a bit too much, when on production, most people have only appreciated its many features as it has saved the day more than once when somebody had a signal that needed to be converted or duplicated and our flightcase could the the job without a hitch!